Keto Coaching for Dogs

So you are interested in doing the Keto Diet for your dog?    Great! Hmmm, now where to begin? Ava My sweet baby girl Ava was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor back in October of 2016.    Once it sinks in that your beloved pooch has been diagnosed with cancer, it…


Our passion for living naturally all started with our pets.   After having the privilege of working for Dr. Karen Becker and seeing first hand what an integrative approach can do for the care of our beloved pets, I was sold!    Just little, simple things like feeding a species appropriate diet,…

Keto Coaching for Dogs!

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We’re now offering Ketogenic Diet for Dogs coaching sessions!

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  • positive review  Trish is so full of knowledge about the keto and diets in general. She has a heart of Gold and goes above & beyond to help people & pets. She is worth everything in my opinion. She was on Caymen the Service Dog Great Dane and helped us get 8 months when the oncologist only gave us 4 to 6 weeks. Follow her program, what she tells you and the individual care she offers. I can never thank you enough for giving me 8 months longer healthy natural living with my life line. Retired Police Officer Kimberly & Caymen💜👼🐕

    Kimberly Mygrant Avatar Kimberly Mygrant
    March 20, 2019
  • positive review  My sweet 12 year old Shih-Tzu, Mona, was diagnosed with inoperable, “incurable” cancer back in August of 2018. It was a 12cm tumor wrapped around her liver and doctors gave her only 2 months to live, possibly a little more if we went with one of the recommended chemotherapy options provided to us. I politely declined and set out to help Mona fight this naturally. I was far from confident anything could help her, but I was more than willing to try. I called around to a few holistic veterinarians and all they were willing to offer was hospice care; they felt, given her diagnosis, there was nothing impactful they could offer her, other then to make her comfortable. At this point I felt incredibly defeated, more so than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Finally, I found my way to a vet who was recommended on a local Facebook holistic page I’m a part of and within minutes of our meeting, he mentioned his friend, Trish, who has experience helping animals prevent and heal through natural interventions. He told me he’d give her all my contact information and I left that appointment feeling heard and slightly optimistic. Enter Trish, or as I like to call her, The Angel Sent From God. Before I could even get home from that same vet appointment, I already had an email from Trish. She was incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, and optimistic. We communicated upwards of 20+ times that day. She got Mona on a very clean diet with very specific food components and supplements. From there, she checked in, and continues to check in, multiple times. She’s made phone calls on Mona’s behalf, done a ton of research on Mona’s behalf; she even comes with me to vet appointments. She’s invested, unbelievably knowledgeable, and an incredible human being. It’s been 6.5 months since Mona’s original diagnosis and all her levels have come down. We’re still fighting and we still have a ways to go, but we’re doing it. And it’s all in thanks to Trish. I don’t have the proper words to accurately express our gratitude for her involvement in Mona’s fight/recovery; she is exactly who you want by your side during a time like this. And regardless of how this ends, I’ll forever be unbelievably grateful for Trish and everything she’s done for us.

    Jami Himes-Jacobs Avatar Jami Himes-Jacobs
    February 12, 2019
  • positive review  Baby steps has been such a huge help to me and Rocky. When Rock was diagnosed with lymphoma I had no idea what to do or where to turn. I stumbled on a youtube video interview Trish did and it had me intrigued about the keto diet. She has worked with me on getting Rock the diet and proper supplements he needs to get healed. She has also opened my eyes to how negative vaccines, flea and tick treatments plus dry kibble can be on our pets lives. Thank you very much for helping Rocky

    Shawn Ningard Avatar Shawn Ningard
    December 4, 2018
  • positive review  when 2 of my dogs got sick, i did some reasearch and came across Trish’s youtube video. I contacted her and told her about my dogs’ condition. She’s very accommodating and very helpful. Always there to lend a helping hand and answer all my questions about keto diet. She has been helping me and my dogs a lot and also opened my eyes into a lot of things that are harmful for mu fur babies. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, Trish for all that you are and all that you do. Please don’t ever get tired of helping people and our fur babies. Please know that you are very much appreciated.❤️

    Christine Amistad Avatar Christine Amistad
    January 4, 2019
  • positive review  When my dog was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma I was overwhelmed with her diagnosis. I immediately began to research how to help Hazel. Trish was a true life saver! She private messaged me throughout the early stages, during Hazel's splenectomy & pericardial window surgery and gave me tremendous comfort. Very clear, easy steps of how to help her post surgically. Suggestions of supplements & diet to follow after surgery and how to transition her back to a raw, Keto diet. It was extremely helpful to have Trish only a short post away with questions answered during this very stressful time. As well her videos and posts were so helpful. Felt like I had a friend by my side helping me through this horrible disease. What a gift she was to us!! 🐾 ❣️ 🐾

    Lori Haig Avatar Lori Haig
    January 4, 2019