What I learned from Ava’s cancer journey and the Keto Diet

Cancer, one word that can cause your entire world come to a screeching halt.  Immediately after hearing your beloved pet has cancer the “what ifs”  start up in our heads.

I learned a few things from going through this with my sweet baby Ava.    This is the first time I have had a dog diagnosed with cancer.     When I first heard the diagnosis, I kept thinking, well this has to be a mistake.    My dogs are on raw food diets.    My Ava is healthy.   There is no way she has cancer.    Well, sadly I was wrong, my baby girl had a mast cell tumor.

So what have I learned?     Stop, take a breath.     It’s so important to try to keep your stress level down.    You probably already know this but our fur babies feel when we are stressed.     So the first thing you need to figure out is how to keep your stress level down.    Go for a walk, take your dog(s) for a walk, get a message, put up your feet … whatever it is, you need to keep your stress down which will help keep your dogs’ stress down.

The route we chose to go with Ava is to do the Keto Diet for dogs.   If this is the route you choose here are some thoughts.

Keep it simple.     Once you figure out the ratios stick to the meal plan.    We use the guide-lines  from Keto Pet Sanctuary.    The meal plan consists of a protein, small amount of veggies, high fat, chia seeds and a calcium supplement and that’s it.    This is the protocol for 120 days.    For 120 days keep it simple and keep on track.    No treats, no adding anything.   Keep it simple and keep your pooch in nutritional ketosis for 120 days.

Exercise your pooch.   This is not only a great way to lower stress in you and your pooch but also a great way to fight cancer.

Enjoy your pooch.   Don’t let the “what ifs” get the best of you.     Your pooch is still with you and hopefully feeling pretty good.    Enjoy your pooch and don’t let the “what ifs” stress you out.    Keep positive and Keep it simple.