Ava’s Blood Work pre and post keto diet and what now?

Just a little background on my Ava.    In October 2016 she had a mast cell tumor removed.    It was a grade 2 tumor.     Prognosis and comments on report:  “Likely fair for survival/risk of metastasis; occurrence of multiple tumors unpredictable.    The lesion appears to have been completely excised.”

In January 2018 we had to rush Ava to the ER because she was having an extremely hard time breathing.    She was not running a temp and was not acting sick.    She did start her coughing again that had stopped for a while after we had the mast cell removed.     Her diagnosis was “Diffused multilobar interstitial-bronchopneumonia is suspected.”    They thought this was from canine influenza or coronavirus but she was not running a fever and not acting sick at all or had any other symptoms.    My vet suspected that maybe the mast cells had gone to her lungs.    This would be hard to diagnose because it wouldn’t be a big old tumor but more diffused.

At that point we proceeded on treating her for bronchopneumonia for a good month.    She was put on three heavy duty antibiotics but the cough remained.   She didn’t seem any better or worse being on antibiotics that long.

This is when we decided we are not messing around we are putting her on a keto diet for 4 months just in case this is cancer!     Speed forward to today we are so happy with our decision.    Ava is doing amazing after being in nutritional ketosis for 4 months and I’m SO excited to say the cough is  gone!

We ran blood work before and after her going into ketosis and her blood work (see below) is perfect both before and after.     The keto diet is not a diet you want to keep your pets on for longer than 4 months.     We believe it’s not only a great way to fight cancer but also a great way be active in preventing cancer.

April 25, 2018 blood results, PERFECT!

Sept 11, 2018 blood results  PERFECT!!

What’s next for Ava?     Well she is back to her normal raw food diet for now.   We plan to put her into nutritional ketosis two or three times a year for a month at a time.     As of now, we believe (and so does our vet) that Ava is cancer free and we plan to do everything we can to keep it that way!