Household Toxins! Why we need to be more concerned!

Going green, going natural, going toxin free, going to cruelty free … What does it all mean and why is it something we all need to consider?

Going green simply means being more environmentally friendly.    Reduce, reuse and recycle.    Doing things that are earth friendly.     We can all do our part which does make a difference.

We all have this goal for our pets and ourselves to live long healthy lives.    We all know the importance of a good healthy diet but what about environmental factors?    In other words, what toxic chemical can you get rid of in your home today and why haven’t you?

Since I started my blog a few months ago I have had to pleasure to chat with a lot of amazing people.     My Ava was on the Keto diet for cancer, because of that I was honored that Kimberly Gauthier from Keep the Tail Wagging ( did a video interview with me to chat about the diet.    From that interview,  I now have people contacting me to help them with their dogs that have cancer and for guidance on the keto diet.     I also have my vet that refers patients to me that want to learn more about fresh food/ raw food feeding.    I just love this!

That being said what I am shocked about is when I am meeting other like minded people on the feeding end of keeping our pets healthy, it’s just mind boggling to me how many are not thinking about other factors such as environmental toxins.

Sadly with cancer, or any other diseases, it seems like the norm is not to worry about it until you or your pet has been hit with it.    It will never happen to me or my pet, right?    Wrong!    Cancer and other health issues are everywhere!    We need to be proactive in fighting this disease every day.  I love the saying, We need to be proactive NOT reactive!

So in this post I want to talk about lessening our pet’s and our toxin load by rethinking the chemicals we use in our homes.     When I first noticed that using natural, non toxic products is not really on the minds of a lot of the people I am chatting with, I started to think, why?    Then I thought back on my journey of going green.

My biggest reasons for not switching earlier were:   1) Those natural cleaners are expensive 2)  I like the cleaning products I am using now, they work great and smell lovely! 3) I don’t think natural products will work as well as my chemicals 4) are they really hurting anyone?

I like to keep my blogs short and sweet so I don’t lose you.   So let’s just cover number one in this blog post.     Those natural cleaners are expensive!   WRONG!     Do you know you can clean most of your home with two non toxic EXTREMELY cheap products.     What are they you ask?    Are you ready?    Vinegar and baking soda!    Can you get any cheaper than that?     Vinegar is an amazing cleaner, just google how you can use it for cleaning!    And you know those nose prints on your windows, it’s the bomb at removing them!    You need something with some abrasive to get some scuff marks off your walls or counters?    Try wetting a rag and dipping it in some baking soda, BOOM done!

Okay okay, I get it you want something that is heavy duty and will kill germs.    After all a lot of us are dealing with raw meat and well it can be a bit messy at time.    No worries, I have suggestions for that too.    Just FYI you can just vinegar to wash your clothes too but I do like to use something that suds up.    In the video attached,  I will cover what I use to kill germs and wash laundry and dishes.   Also, how I keep the cost down.