YEP! I feed my dogs raw meat! After all you don’t see Mr. Coyote or Mr. Wolf cooking their meals!

YEP you read that right.   I give my pooches unprocessed, uncooked and completely raw meat!      I know, I know when I first learned about raw feeding from Dr. Karen Becker, I kept thinking she doesn’t really mean raw, not cooked meat, does she!?!?!  YEP!

I have been feeding my crew raw meat for at least 15 years.     I didn’t start feeding all raw but eased into over the years.    I have always had giant breeds so when I had 6 dogs it wasn’t possible for me to feed straight raw, it was a bit too expensive.

It is AMAZING what an impact a raw food/species appropriate diet can have on your pets.     Ready for this?   Just taking 20% of their kibble out and replacing it with raw meat will make a huge difference on their health.

But WAIT?!?!    What about e coli and salmonella??    Yikes!    No worries!    Good news!   Our furry pooches are  “carnivores, dogs and cats have a very short, acidic digestive tract designed for processing raw meat. A dog’s stomach has a pH value as low as 1! This makes it nearly impossible for salmonella or Ecoli bacteria to colonize and multiply.”    YEP you heard that right, they are designed to eat RAW meat!

But WAIT?!?!    They are domesticated now,  should they still eat like their ancestors!   Hold on to your seat!    Ready?    Dogs are STILL carnivores even though they are domesticated!    YEP!   It’s true.   They still have teeth, jaws and a digestive tract that is designed to eat RAW meat.    This is a little blurb from Dr. Karen Becker:  “Animals’ teeth are specifically created for the food they are born to eat. Your dog’s teeth are designed to rip, shred and shear flesh off bone. Dog molars are pointed, not flat. Humans, who are omnivores, have molars that are large and flat because they’re designed to grind up plant matter. If you look at the teeth of other omnivores and herbivores, you’ll see big, wide and flat molars designed to chew plant matter.”   YEP, this is true, I have horses and their teeth are as flat as flat can be.

So do your pooch a BIG favor and offer him or her some raw meat?    Not ready to start there?     Heck,  just adding a raw egg to their diet a few times a week can be great for their health!    Go ahead, don’t be afraid, they are meant to thrive on a raw food diet!!!