Vets are people too!

Do you get frustrated when you take your pooch or kitty to the vet and you feel like you are just spending a lot of money but not being heard regarding your precious fur baby?

Well I believe that most of the time you are being heard but it’s not an easy task to get a proper diagnoses without spending money.     Most dogs or cats go to the vet with a list of symptoms and from that the vet is supposed to figure out what is wrong and how to treat.    Sadly, that is close to impossible to do without running tests.    That list of symptoms can be caused by a list of different diseases which the only way to get a proper diagnosis is to run bloodwork, do an X-ray, an ultrasound etc. and those tests can be quite expensive.

For me and I’m thinking a lot of you that follow me are on the same mindset, the frustration comes in when we get a diagnoses and we disagree with the treatment plan from what our vet may suggest.    I personally like treating naturally but a lot of vets steer towards more conventional treatments.

But Wait!    Don’t get upset with your vet.    Stop take a breath.    If this is a new vet they may not know what you believe or want.    This is where respect and communication come into play.    Be kind and let your vet know how you feel.    Saying I am not comfortable with that treatment but would like to try …   Speak to him or her with kindness but at the same time listen to what they say.

I was in a situation one time where one of my dogs was dying.    The vet was convinced it was leptospirosis.     I have the entire vet team at this clinic corner me and say “you need to get the rest of your pack in here and get them vaccinated right now.   You need to listen to us!!”  (there were at least 4 vets having this intervention with me).   Inside I wanted to scream but I kept calm and replied, “Listen I respect what you are saying but now you need to respect what I am saying.   I will never get the lepto vaccine for any of my animals,  let alone vaccinate a dying or sick dog.    Please back off.     With that, they did back off.

We did have my sick guy tested for lepto and the results didn’t come back until after my dog died but he did not have lepto nor did the rest of my pack get lepto.     I continued to go to that vet clinic because the vets were really good.    I know they were upset because they were worried my entire pack was going to die and I understand that, they were concerned.   Once we established we needed to respect each other all was well.     They understood my limits but I was always open to hear their treatment plans even if I decided to go a different route.

It comes down to this, we are our pets parents.    If we are not comfortable with something, we should be heard.    However, vets are educated, we need to listen to them and hear them out.    Of course, if at any time you feel like you are being bullied into a certain treatment, you can always look for another vet.    Remember they are people too, they are not mind readers.   Talk to them!   They are educated and we should respect that but I do feel that respect should be mutual.