Can adding fresh food to your pets’ diet help prevent cancer? You bet!!

So you hear us talk about adding fresh food to your pets’ diet but did you know that it can actually help fight against cancer?!

So what do I mean by adding fresh food? I am talking about human food that is appropriate to feed your pets. For dogs this can be fresh meat (lightly cooked or better yet go raw!), veggies and fruits. For cats this can be meats and some veggies if they will eat the veggies. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy just save a little meat from your dinner or some of your salad before putting dressing on it.

A couple examples of some fresh foods I will give my pets are kale, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, cauliflower, blueberries, carrots, sardines, mussels, eggs, coconut oil, apples, kombucha, goat’s milk, keifer, marrow bones and of course a variety of meats.

In an article Rodney Habib wrote for Dogs Naturally Magazine, he talks about a 2005 study (article linked below) ” In the study, dogs ate a diet of dry commercial pet food, while some got an assortment of vegetables added to the mix at least 3 times per week. ” Here are the results: ” Dogs that ate any green leafy vegetables, like broccoli, had reduced the risk of developing bladder cancer by 90% and the dogs that consumed any yellow – orange vegetables like carrots reduced the risk by 70%!”

WOW! 90%, that is crazy and such an easy thing to do adding fresh food.

” An estimated 6 million dogs and nearly 6 million cats will be diagnosed with cancer this year. ” THAT is unacceptable to me!! They say 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will be diagnosed with cancer. That is not right!

So let’s start today to be proactive in our pet’s health. Just take out some of that over processed kibble and add some real fresh food for your beloved pets. It’s such an easy Baby Step we can take to help our pets thrive and not just survive.