Our passion for living naturally all started with our pets.   After having the privilege of working for Dr. Karen Becker and seeing first hand what an integrative approach can do for the care of our beloved pets, I was sold!    Just little, simple things like feeding a species appropriate diet, not over vaccinating and using supplements when needed was eye opening.

Over the past 15 years we started making some changes.   Just small little changes to get our home toxin free and completely green.    Then one day it happened.. before we knew it, we were there, no more steps to be taken.   Our home is toxic free and completely GREEN!

We would love to help people learn what we have learned.   That is one of the reasons we’re starting this page! We have people and friends call us for advice but with this page we have the opportunity to reach a larger audience.    It’s our passion to share what we know and show others how just small changes can make BIG differences.

So I mentioned our house being green and our pets being all natural but what about my husband and I? We have made small changes over the years but are ready to up our game. We have been gluten free for about a year and a half.   It’s been over two years since we have eaten at a fast food restaurant. We buy mostly organic and try to keep our carbohydrate intake down.   

So join us!

Our goal?  Help other people with useful information to have their pets live long healthy thriving lives and to get their homes (which is your pets’  homes too!!) toxin free. We’re looking forward to taking this journey with you! We can do this just one small, baby step at a time…