Keto Coaching for Dogs

So you are interested in doing the Keto Diet for your dog?    Great! Hmmm, now where to begin?


My sweet baby girl Ava was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor back in October of 2016.    Once it sinks in that your beloved pooch has been diagnosed with cancer, it feels like your world comes to a screeching halt! There is so much fear, so much feeling helpless and so much panic – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take a deep breath, try to relax and try to keep your stress level down as much as possible.    Our fur babies feel our stress and we all know stress is not good for fighting any disease; especially cancer.

The good news is the keto diet is a great tool to help fight cancer. What is the Keto diet? It’s a high fat, very low carb, and adequate protein diet.   It switches your body or your dog’s body from using glucose as a fuel source to burning fat for fuel instead.    It’s amazing for fighting cancer, as well as other diseases.

So you did your research and feel like the Keto Diet For Dogs is the way you want to go.    Sadly, the keto diet can be overwhelming and so many questions come up as you are trying to work through the diet.    You finally think you got the diet down, but wait a question comes up and then another and another and another….

So many people that come to us for help state they feel so alone on the Keto Diet for Dogs journey.    You just want someone to help you through the process, support you and help you with all your questions.    Well good news! Look no further, we are here to help!

Since Ava’s diagnosis, we have researched and studied the keto diet in depth.     I started to blog about Ava’s journey and through that many people have come to us for help with the Keto Diet for Dogs.    

We want to help more people so we have put together a Keto Coaching For Dogs program.    The program will help with questions and concerns that will come up on your journey. We can figure out a custom keto diet for your specific pooch’s need.    We will also help you with ketone testing and glucose testing to make sure you are on the right track. Finally, we can help coach you on long term strategies.   

For more information about coaching plan options, click here.